MVP and Hypothesis testing
Test your idea
After you have already formalized the idea of your project in one form or another, you need, conditionally, to assemble some kind of prototype and test market demand on it.

This is one of the most important stages in the process of creating new businesses. Incorrectly selected tools, incorrectly selected target audience, poorly planned online advertising can reduce your project to "no", although, in fact, it would be very promising.

We help to quickly assemble prototypes of online projects, make product landing pages, test hypotheses, "catching up" with the right traffic there.
These processes will allow you to correctly evaluate the chosen niche, the market of potential customers and the idea of the product itself.
For whom:
Any ideas
Any, even the most daring, and, at first glance, obvious ideas require testing and testing hypotheses. The main thing is that your idea is somehow connected with the online.
What you get
As a rule, hypothesis testing is limited to product landing and properly configured targeted advertising. Sometimes we also conduct online research and surveys. We can also involve a development team on more complex projects for testing, for example, mobile applications.
From $7 000 without taking into account the cost of traffic when testing hypotheses.
Questions to which we will give answers:
And not only
  • 1
    Is there a market for product
    Are customers willing to pay for your future product?
  • 2
    Price sensitivity
    A special methodology based on online surveys will reveal how much the customer is willing to pay for your product.
  • 3
    What to change
    Hypothesis testing often reveals markets that you haven't even thought about or thought about, but on the "other" side
  • 4
    how much will it cost me to attract a new user/buyer? What is the future unit-economy?
  • 5
    Marketing and Sales
    Which tools, with which creatives, with a focus on which audience will work most effectively?
  • Time
    You don't waste time searching for a team that will quickly assemble a landing page for you and launch advertising campaigns. But even if you find such a team, will it help you draw the right conclusions?
  • Money
    By creating a product without testing hypotheses on the market, guided only by your intuition, you risk losing all the money, while the product will not "fly".
  • Correct conclusions
    After spending a little money, you can either confirm your idea or refute it. But you will not get into the situation when you have chosen the wrong market, a product that is unnecessary to anyone, or a product whose development will simply be unjustified.
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